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  • Softline Solutions is Great Place to Work Certified!

Softline Solutions is Great Place to Work Certified!

Nieuwegein, 14 September 2020 - Great Place to Work Nederland examines the degree of trust, pride and pleasure within organisations. Based on the results of the employee survey and the analysis of the organisational culture, it is assessed whether the criteria for good employment practices have been met. Only organisations that achieve the required scores on both components may immediately bear the title Great Place to Work Certified.

"We are very proud that Softline Solutions is certified as" Great Place to Work ". Softline Solutions is an ambitious organisation where innovation is driven by the enthusiastic and close-knit team. The passion of the team and the enormous enthusiasm from every team member is not only seen as a strength among themselves, but is also appreciated by our customers. New colleagues are immediately accepted and embraced as full team members. This certification underlines the strength of the Softline Solutions' team, whereby the person behind the employee is always key and where the 5 values "credibility, respect, honesty, pride and companionship " are rooted in the organisation, the culture and within the team. The title "a Great Place to Work" is a beautiful title to carry with great pride.", says Dennis Montanje, Managing Director Softline Solutions Northern Europe.

René Brouwers, director of Great Place to Work Netherlands: "Being a good employer is the way to organisational success - that is the belief of Great Place to Work Netherlands. Organisations that have a culture of trust, pride and pleasure perform better. To excel in this area is an achievement, an achievement to be proud of and an achievement that deserves attention.” Brouwers about the research: "We ask employees' opinions on five values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and companionship. Those values are linked to performance. We apply this approach worldwide in 60 countries at more than 7,000 organisations. We are the some research that not only asks for the opinion of the employees, but also takes the organisational culture into account.”


About Great Place to Work:
Great Place To Work has been helping organisations increase trust in the workplace for 35 years: the most fundamental element of a successful organisation. The Great Place To Work survey provides insight into the perception of employees, the way of working together and leadership within an organisation. Great Place To Work provides points for improvement for a strong organisational culture on this basis and provides guidance in its follow-up. The international organisation works with companies, non-profit organisations and government agencies in 60 countries on all continents.

By recognising good employment practices, Great Place to Work Netherlands strives to encourage organisations to put their people first and thus to give even more people the opportunity to work at a great employer.


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