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Installation and Configuration of Leading ITAM Solutions

Step-by-step approach, towards a successful end result

As part of your ITAM implementation, a strong ITAM tool is key to deliver trustworthy and accurate data. Softline has well over a decade of expertise implementing Flexera ITAM and Snow Software at multinationals, government and SMB. Delivering a phased approach with clear tangible results will provide a strong basis to build your ITAM operation on.

Based on well over a decade of expertise in implementing Flexera and Snow Software ITAM, our four step approach is designed to fit the exact needs and goals of the organisation. Phase 1 and 2, the preparation phase and the  pre-implementation phase, to ensure an efficient implementation process. We conduct technical and functional workshops to make sure all technical specifications are clear, and all relevant stakeholders are aligned. An onboarding workshop to discuss (specific) publishers onboardings and specific needs, milestones and requirements conclude this phase.

Phase 3, the technical installation of Flexera FlexNet Manager and Snow Licence Manager is based on the input gathered in phase 1 and 2. Activities such as verification and documentation are part of the installation as well. And finally phase 4, the actual publisher onboarding. Enabling an organisation to determine their license position and steer towards achieving compliance, control, and realise cost savings.

Partnering with Flexera

The fact that Softline has been awarded year over year says it all...“Softline delivered a fantastic year with the highest active engagement level within the region. The company’s passion shines through the tremendous complex work involved. Softline is a prominent player in customer digital transformation with a strong expertise in Flexera One capability. The company continues to stay competitive and proficient to help organizations take the next step.”, said Cindy Grogan, VP & General Manager, Flexera Alliances. 

Partnering with Snow

The close collaboration between Softline and Snow Software enables the automation and integration of business processes through the Snow Automation Platform, allowing companies to more effectively manage their software asset management, cloud strategy and device management. This leads to increased efficiency and cost savings in various business areas.