Customer Story: ProLeiT AG

Repairing the virtualisation infrastructure

In order to meet the requirements of a high-performance and high-availability infrastructure and to expand it in a future-proof manner, the software manufacturer ProLeiT AG relies on the experience and specialized knowledge of our consultants to repair the cluster mix.

ProLeiT AG develops and supplies automation solutions for the process industry worldwide. Users are global players from the brewing, beverage, food, bakery, dairy, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The ProLeiT business model requires a powerful and highly available infrastructure. In order to meet these requirements and expand the IT infrastructure in a future-proof manner, the software manufacturer trusted Softline's consultants, who masterfully solved this sensitive task with experience and specialized knowledge.

“We are very grateful to Softline's consultants for taking on our technically demanding challenges. No other service provider dared to tackle this project. With Softline, you just feel that their services end with satisfied customers, not order completion. When we need specialized knowledge, we are always happy to call on Softline's expertise.”
Andreas Mühlmeister, Department Manager/Head of Service & Support, ProLeiT AG

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The challenge

  • Mapping of the entire business operation over an extremely sensitive cluster mix of hardware from different and barely compatible manufacturers
  • Urgent need to repair virtual infrastructure while business is up and running to minimize business downtime risk
  • Lack of readiness on the vendor side for support
  • Personnel shortage to maintain the infrastructure

Our solution

  • Confidence in one's own abilities and a large portion of courage to face this challenge
  • Development of a special migration concept
  • Transfer of the new solution during ongoing operation

The highlights

  • Customer satisfaction after project completion led to follow-up orders in other areas such as Exchange, network expansion of the internal virtualization cluster
  • Further support for special cases that cannot be covered internally
  • Establishment of a reliable long-term partnership

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