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Prepared for Audits

Be prepared for a licence audit

Going into an audit unprepared not only pools your resources, but can also bring (financial) surprises. If you know the status of your software licence compliance, these consequences can be avoided.

If software asset management is not (fully) implemented and therefore no precise overview of software licence compliance exists, you may experience surprises when conducting an audit. Would you like to get an initial insight into the status of software licence compliance of specific software manufacturers? Then our Baseline Support Services can help you.

Baseline Services

Every organisation has a specific list of its most important and financially significant software vendors. In addition to the software vendors listed below, Softline can perform a baseline audit for any software vendor.

When you receive notice of an audit, there are several steps you need to take. We will assist you in making the audit process as pleasant as possible for your organisation. If you have any further questions about audit support, we will be happy to help.

One-time or permanent insight into your software licences?

Insight into the status of software licence compliance is extremely important for organisations. Implementing software asset management creates transparency about existing software assets. This allows organisations to take action to realise compliance of their software licences and save costs. If your organisation has not (yet) implemented software asset management and there is a need for a one-time insight into the status of a software vendor that is important to you, we offer a baseline service.

The baseline service offers you insights and advice with regard to optimisation potentials of your deployed software vendors, such as Adobe, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle etc..

Baseline Service