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Virtual Windows 11 Readiness Workshop

Realising the full potential of a virtual Windows 11

Our Virtual Windows 11 Readiness Workshop offers a comprehensive knowledge transfer for the compliant and optimal use of Windows 11 as a virtual desktop.

Virtual Windows 11 offers an optimal basis for providing your users with a modern virtual desktop.  

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Virtual Windows 11, the integration possibilities and practical knowledge on how to use the platform safely and efficiently.  

Are you aware of these challenges and opportunities?

End of Life of Windows 10: 
Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 10 on Oct. 14, 2025

VDI environment: 
Your VDI environment needs to be up to date to support Virtual TPM and Windows 11

Added value for users: 
An optimally configured virtual Windows 11 boosts your users' productivity with new features

Security gain: 
Windows 11 brings new security features and lets your users work in an even more secure environment

Resources and knowledge: 
Implementing Virtual Windows 11 requires knowledge and the necessary resources to run it

Problem solving: 
Virtual Windows 11 can run into errors even under optimal conditions 
Identifying and fixing errors quickly is essential for your users to be able to work.

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