Security Operations Center

Softline SOC – Your competence unit for combating and preventing cyber threats

With a Security Operations Center as your security control center, you can protect your IT infrastructure and data against internal and external threats, reduce risk in all security-related areas, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for detecting and handling cyber attacks.

A SOC is a specialized facility for detecting, assessing, preventing and responding to cyber threats. Additionally, a SOC can help you ensure compliance with security regulations. The main advantage, however, is that security is centralized:

  • Enhance your security by coordinating security monitoring and orchestrating the threat response.
  • Gain greater control and insight by bringing previously-disparate security efforts together in a cohesive strategy.
  • Increase cost-efficiency by consolidating your security technologies and team.

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Benefit from comprehensive security monitoring, threat prevention, cost reduction and regular reporting.

Better visibility on your security: The more you know about your systems, the easier it is to detect attacks against them. A SOC increases visibility into your security posture - with real-time security monitoring and an accurate inventory of existing IT assets.

Quick and efficient response: This uninterrupted monitoring is critical to detecting the first signs of anomalous activity. Attacks don't only occur Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.

Threat prevention: It is not just detection. The analysis conducted by the Softline SOC team help prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. Such approach enables you to stay ahead of potential risks and issues.

Focused expertise and clear priorities: Our Security Operations Center consists of a variety of specialized roles, such as security analyst and engineers, threat hunters, forensic investigators and compliance auditors. Each of these roles has a diverse set of skills, which is instrumental to detect, remediate, analyze and learn from threats.

Reduced cost of breach: By reducing the time needed to reveal a cyber attacker getting into your enterprise’s environment, our SOC team can reduce the negative effect of a breach and, therefore, the potential costs the breach may incur via loss of data, reputation damage and possible lawsuits. The longer an attacker remains in a system, the more potential damage can be done to your company.

Keep business up to date: The ultimate goal of our SOC is to keep your business informed of risk through communication and reporting. The trend data from security monitoring and response activities can help shape your future IT architecture and help better calculate potential financial risk.

SOC Service from Germany

  • 24/7 availability
  • Separate premises with access control
  • Sufficient number of office and control center workstations
  • BSI-accredited APT response service provider
  • ISO 27001 / ISO 9001 certifications
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Trained IT forensic specialists
  • Information security specialists
  • IT security experts

Partnering with DigiFors

Together with our long-standing partner DigiFors, we build a strong team of experts for SOC and SIEM services and beyond for Incident Response.

DigiFors has been a renowned service provider for digital forensics and IT security since 2011. With recognized qualifications, years of experience and extensive IT expertise, the company is a digital forensics expert witness in criminal cases and offers its services to police, courts and prosecutors. With a triple-digit number of cases and proceedings per year and the analysis of petabyte volumes of data, DigiFors is a leader in its field. In addition, DigiFors is a BSI-accredited APT response service provider.

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