PKI, HSM & Key Management

Your key to greater security

Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) are an important component of security architectures. Certificates enable you to secure web-based applications and websites, to exchange e-mail and documents in an encrypted and tamper-proof manner, and to implement reliable authentication methods. Wherever you need confidential handling of digital assets and legal requirements such as the EU-DSGVO or eIDAS demand it, PKI-based solutions are the key to greater security.

Commissioning a PKI requires a lot of experience - errors in the configuration are often irreversible. We set you on the course to a secure and future-oriented PKI.

The realization, operation and maintenance of a PKI poses major challenges for many organizations. There is often a lack of expertise in their own team, and solutions often have to be implemented at short notice. If you do not ensure the trustworthiness of your PKI, you risk immense damage.

We are your partner for setting up your Public Key Infrastructure. We use a tried-and-tested methodology to identify your needs and an economical solution for you. We go through all phases with you - from conceptual design to implementation and support during operation. If you already have a PKI, we offer a PKI health check: Based on our specially developed testing rules, we uncover vulnerabilities and work with you to develop organizational and technical measures. In this way, we ensure more secure and efficient operation of your PKI - for example, through (partial) automation of certificate issuance and renewal, adaptation of key algorithms in accordance with BSI specifications, or modifications to the Certificate Authority (CA) hierarchy. We formulate a certificate issuer statement (CP/CPS) that includes certificate guidelines, process descriptions and information about the technical implementation of the CA infrastructure. In this way, we generate transparency, acceptance and trust both inside and outside your company.

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What do you want to achieve?

  • TLS & web server certificates
  • Email Signature & Email Encryption (S/MIME) 
  • Code signatures
  • Certificates for IoT devices
  • Digital signatures (e.g. documents)
  • Strong authentication & smart cards
  • Timestamps
  • Authentication of devices and services, e.g. 802.1X
  • Certificates for VPN/IPSec


We draw from a huge partner network as well as years of experience from many projects. We are partners of numerous vendors of HSM and PKI solution software such as Utimaco, PrimeKey / Keyfactor, Nexus / IN Groupe, Keyon / Swiss IT, Entrust and SecCommerce Informationssysteme, among others. This enables us, like no other company, to identify and implement the most suitable and economical solution for you. In addition to traditional on-prem solutions, we can also offer you ready-made PKI cloud solutions that can be integrated into on-prem infrastructures.

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