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Business Case Optimization & Governance Modell

Determine the financial impact and your scope before implementing ITAM

When an organization wants to implement ITAM one of the first major questions is: what do you actually want to achieve, in what timeframe and with what amount of resources? During an assessment your as-is situation is determined, including a clear view on gaps and potential risks. Creating a business case with a clear FTE calculation helps you to scope and lay the foundation for your 3-year ITAM Strategy plan, that Softline can help you translate into a yearly operational ITAM plan.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew – plan and scope your ITAM implementation

Whether you are taking your first steps of your IT Asset Management journey, or if you are well on your way: The major questions you will have;

  • “What do I actually want to achieve?”
  • “What is my timeframe to achieve these goals?”,  
  • “How many resources do I need to have a successful team?”
  • “In what order do I need to take what step to work efficiently?”,

and last but certainly not least “What will the financial impact be on my overall budget?”

Maybe you already have the answers to some of these questions. If not, Softline can help you get the answers with a modular approach:

An assessment will tell you exactly what your current ITAM state is, and help you to clarify your ITAM growth path. With the strategic scoping workshop you will map out the desired future state and set ambitious yet realistic goals by determining the scope of your implementation for the short and longer term. With the ISO 19770-1:2017 standard in mind, we will help determine what technical improvements are needed, which software products/publishers have priority and what minimal process implementation is needed to achieve your goals.

During the practical business case workshop, the investment and expected (financial) results will be calculated. You can compare different scenario’s with your desired timelines, available investment, possible risks and benefits.

Besides the potential savings, Softline can also calculate what the costs are of your desired ITAM journey. Softline’s in-house developed FTE model will help calculate the needed investment on resource level. This will help you to match your budget, with your scope and helps to clarify the activities for each team member.

Softline helps organizations worldwide translate all this input into a long term (3-year) strategic ITAM plan, with a concrete short term “step-by-step towards the end goal” -plan on organization, process, technology, compliance and efficiency. Finally the operational ITAM plan describes the “HOW”. Focusing on operational and improvement activities including an ITAM activity calendar for the Top Software Publishers.

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What our customers say about Business Case & Planning services...

Before the strategic workshops with Softline, the team spent most days firefighting. With the strategic ITAM plan in place, we regained our focus and are firmly in the driver seat” – ITAM process owner, @consumer IT international

“The business case really helped sell our ITAM practice to C-level.” - GRC responsible @government body

“These Softline guys know their stuff” – CIO, @healthcare

"Over the years, Softline has proven to be a real trusted advisor and knowledgable partner that helped us on our journey of becoming a mature SAM organisation. The set goals where high but, as a team, we were able to meet all expectations set and even over-achieve in some areas." – Ellen de Belder, Signify