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Managed Service Packages with Flexera and Snow

Creating a balanced ITAM team using internal resources and Softline’s experienced consultants

Never a dull moment at the ITAM department. There is much to do for you and your team. So it makes sense to focus on your core activities and get outside support to do all the rest and pick up the rest of the tasks. The Softline team of experts is there to lend you a helping hand. Our managed services offer a proven method to structure outsourced ITAM activities in an effective, controlled manner. Helping you exactly where you need it.

Maximize your ITAM team's potential with a combination of training and expert consultancy .

A typical managed service contract based on Flexera FlexNet Manager and Snow License Manager is built up using the House of ITAM® as the basis for the structure of the services delivered. Some activities will be performed by the client within the retained organization, while other activities will be part of the managed service. Exactly what components from the full stack of available options a service contract should include, is based on the findings during the assessment and the implementation phase. Deliverables in those phases, like the FTE model, the business case and the OCSG-based plan are meant to guide you in your choices for either outsourcing an activity to Softline, of performing it within your own ITAM team.

Managed services are delivered according to best practices and are fully in line with the ISO/IEC standard for ITAM. Each customer will be provided with a dedicated service manager, who is responsible for planning, reporting and financials, and will help you every step of the way. Our proven governance structure helps you to manage your ITAM program and seamlessly incorporate internal resources and Softline’s experienced consultants into an effective ITAM team!


Partnering with Flexera

The fact that Softline has been awarded year over year says it all...“Softline delivered a fantastic year with the highest active engagement level within the region. The company’s passion shines through the tremendous complex work involved. Softline is a prominent player in customer digital transformation with a strong expertise in Flexera One capability. The company continues to stay competitive and proficient to help organizations take the next step.”, said Cindy Grogan, VP & General Manager, Flexera Alliances. 

Partnering with Snow

The close collaboration between Softline and Snow Software enables the automation and integration of business processes through the Snow Automation Platform, allowing companies to more effectively manage their software asset management, cloud strategy and device management. This leads to increased efficiency and cost savings in various business areas.

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