Identity & Access Management

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We help you develop a centralized IAM system that minimizes security risks and ensures compliance. Get rid of managing multiple accounts for each user and allow access to enterprise applications through a single identity. Apply self-services to reduce costs and effort in your IT department.

Centralize your Identity & Access Management. Minimize security risks and ensure compliance. Softline accompanies you in the process.

In many companies, user accounts and access authorizations are managed manually. However, this decentralized approach not only involves high administrative effort, but also considerable security risks. A central IAM system provides a remedy here in many respects:

  • Efficiency – Relieving the burden on IT through fast onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • Compliance – Compliance with legal, contractual or internal company regulations
  • Transparency – Holistic monitoring and control with audit-proof audit log
  • Security – Minimizing security risks from unauthorized access to resources
  • Single Sign-On – Central multi-factor authentication
  • Access control – Workflow-based application for access rights, e.g. 4-eyes principle
  • Interoperability – Fast and uncomplicated integration of new applications into an existing system landscape

The introduction of such a system is often mistakenly associated with high complexity and therefore postponed. We make it easier for you and support you in all phases of establishing an IAM system in your company. An IAM assessment forms the perfect basis for this: it helps you determine the current state and shows you ways to improve your IAM maturity. 

Together with you, we will work on the following topics:

  • Determination and assessment of the status quo concerning existing applications, users authentications, monitoring, compliance violations or potential security vulnerabilities
  • Proposals for improving the IAM maturity level through architectural adaptations of the existing systems
  • Cost-benefit analysis for the introduction of a central IAM system
  • Selection of a suitable IAM system
  • Development of a solution concept
  • Creation of a detailed solution specification

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What do you want to achieve?

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Centralized identity and access provisioning
  • Activity monitoring and access reviews 
  • Introduce self-services 
  • Allow access for external parties
  • Control access to cloud and on-premise applications from a single access point
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Secure access to applications
  • Easily onboard and offboard employees and externals
  • Implement a zero-trust model


In the field of Identity & Access Management, we maintain partnerships with renowned companies such as Okta, Nexus / IN Groupe, Beta Systems Software and SecCommerce Informationssysteme. Thanks to this network, we are able to identify and establish the right IAM solution for you. We transparently show you the costs and options of various providers and match them with your requirements and budget. We provide vendor-independent advice.

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