Managed Trust Center Service

Digitally certified, clearly identified

In the relationship with your customers and partners, integrity and authenticity are the nuts and bolts: in online communications, they must be confident that their personal and sensitive business information is securely transmitted and protected against phishing attacks. We provide you with the appropriate public certificate for all fields of application, so that you can identify yourself as a trustworthy business partner.

As a specialist qualified by the trust service provider D-TRUST, we manage your certificate products "Made in Germany" throughout the entire life cycle.

As a specialist qualified by the trust service provider D-TRUST GmbH, we manage your digital identities centralized with our Managed Trust Center Service, protect you against expiring certificates by keeping track of their validity at all times and thus create compliance, control and, thanks to increased process efficiency, cost savings.

With our Managed Trust Center Service, we offer you: 

  • Centralized administration of your certificate stock
  • Certificates “Made in Germany”
  • Fast issuing
  • Comprehensive support
  • Consistent legal compliance (Trust Services Act, German Federal Office for Information Security [BSI], eIDAS Regulation and CA/Browser Forum)
  • Maximum cost control

Our Managed Trust Center Service also provides a valuable contribution to your holistic security concept - including interfaces to Identity & Access Management, centralized Key Management or Public Key Infrastructures (PKI).

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SSL / TLS Certificates

Increase the security of your website and build up trust with your business partners.

  • EU-qualified website certificates
  • Custom-fit – from the entry-level version to the worldwide highest standard
  • Conformity with the Trust Services Act, BSI, eIdas Regulation and CA/Browser Forum
  • Current signature algorithms (SHA-256)
  • Compatibility with all common operating systems and browsers

Personal Certificates

Identify yourself and prove your digital identity with personal or team certificates.

  • Encryption and signature of emails
  • Signature of documents
  • Digitization of release processes
  • Use of alternative registration procedures

Machine Certificates

Within the internet of things and industry 4.0, there is a growing need to make the exchange of information between devices secure. With machine certificates you verify the identity of your systems towards others (machine to machine / M2M).

  • Centralized protection of email traffic using gateway IDs
  • Unique authentication of systems
  • Different levels of trust
  • IPsec-based connection establishment
  • Signature of documents

Partnering with D-Trust

Together with our partner D-Trust, we accompany you through the entire lifecycle of public digital certificates - starting with the creation of the request, through the issuance and installation, to renewals or the revoking of certificates. You receive a report of all your used certificates on a monthly basis and are informed in advance about expiring certificates.

D-Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei GmbH, is a provider of digital certificates and offers solutions in the field of digital identity and trust services. As an accredited certification service provider (CSP), D-Trust is authorized to issue qualified certificates in accordance with the EU eIDAS Regulation.

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