Information Security & Data Protection

Maximum safety and compliance thanks to process-oriented management systems

Information and data are invaluable to any company - regardless of size or industry. Their protection is of particular importance within the IT and business strategy, which is also increasingly taken into account by legislation in the interest of the common good. Softline supports you in getting the maximum out of security and compliance.

Maximum security & compliance requires an efficient interaction of technological, organizational & personnel measures.

Technical security measures are a good start. However, to protect information and data comprehensively and sustainably, personnel and organizational measures are needed in addition to tools and technologies. Guidelines and processes, as summarized in an information security management system (ISMS), help to define, control, maintain and permanently improve information security.  

Our information security and data protection services take into account the complexity of this topic and offer you exactly the support you need:

1. Security strategy and compliance consulting: 

Our experts are at your side to develop a customized security strategy and ensure that your company meets all relevant legal requirements. We help you identify security gaps and implement effective processes that take into account the requirements from the EU GDPR, the IT Security Act 2.0 or industry-specific guidelines.

2. Design and implementation of information security concepts (ISMS): 

Due to growing demands on their own compliance, organizations today have to keep an even closer eye on their IT landscapes. If your company is faced with the challenge of introducing or operating an ISMS - because, for example, you are under an obligation to provide proof as a supplier (TISAX) or belong to the group of KRITIS companies yourself - we will be happy to help you implement it. 

We offer you an introduction to the topic of ISMS and accompany you during the implementation or improvement of your ISMS. The latter often builds on an information security maturity analysis.

3. Support for information security and privacy certifications: 

Certifying your information security and privacy practices is an important step in gaining the trust of your customers and partners. We guide you through the process of ISO 27001 or TISAX certification and help you meet the required standards.

4. Information Security Officer (ISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service:

If you don't want to staff the responsibility for information security and data protection in-house, we offer you highly qualified managed services. Our experts monitor your security posture, ensure compliance regulations are adhered to, and respond promptly to security incidents.

Get the maximum out of information security and data protection and get in touch with us.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Meeting all data protection and compliance requirements
  • Obtaining the certifications required by your customers, e.g. (ISO 27001/TISAX)
  • Increasing the security level in your company
  • Business optimization through holistic and intelligent IT processes

Trust Softline as your reliable partner to comprehensively protect your information and data.

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