Identify potential risks and optimise cloud infrastructure

In an increasingly digitalised business world, the health of your IT infrastructure is crucial. This is where Cloud Health Check services come in. These services are like a thorough medical check-up for your cloud infrastructure. They check your cloud accounts for common configuration errors, security risks and unnecessary costs.

With our Cloud Health Check, you can identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in good time.

With the Softline Health Check, we check your cloud accounts for common configuration errors, security risks and unnecessary costs. This identifies potential risks and optimises your cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Our assessment provides the best possible foundation to identify security gaps, protect data and systems, prevent attacks and get the most out of your Microsoft 365 environment.  

  • Comprehensive security: Our assessment provides the best possible basis for identifying security gaps, protecting your data and systems and preventing attacks.
  • Timeliness and expertise: Our experts stay abreast of the latest developments in the ever-changing Microsoft 365 landscape. As a result, we ensure that your environment is optimally and error-free configured.
  • Maximising the benefits: Our goal is to increase the benefits of your Microsoft 365 environment to the highest possible level. We make sure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Effective threat mitigation: We don't just rely on manual checks, but also use powerful automated tools to ensure comprehensive security. This enables us to identify potential risks, even those that are difficult to see.
  • Review of user permissions: We examine all user permissions set to ensure they are appropriate and security-compliant. This minimises the risk of unauthorised access.

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Azure Health Check

Our Azure Health Check service provides detailed insights into current Azure deployments and helps you optimise your Azure architecture, increase security posture, identify potential savings in line with industry best practices and thus optimise your Azure cloud infrastructure investment. 

  • Optimise Azure architecture: Our service provides detailed insights into your Azure infrastructure and helps you optimise it to increase performance and efficiency.
  • Increase security: Health Check increases the security status of your Azure infrastructure by identifying and fixing potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Cost savings: By identifying potential savings and adhering to industry best practices, you can reduce your Azure costs.
  • Best practice recommendations: Our experts provide recommendations for an implementation timeline that shows you which issues should be optimised and in what order to meet best practices.
  • Comprehensive report: You receive a detailed report covering all analysed areas of the Azure Health Check, including architecture, cost, security, governance and more.
  • Increase automation: The service helps you achieve a high level of automation to minimise effort and increase efficiency.
  • Minimising risk: By analysing your Azure infrastructure, you can identify and minimise potential risks.
  • Developing an efficient operating model: Health Check helps you develop an operating model that balances cost and effort.

Together, these benefits provide a comprehensive way to optimise your Azure cloud infrastructure and get the most out of your Azure investment.

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