Cloud Migration

From the data centre to the cloud

Cloud migration can be understood as the move of existing IT infrastructure or individual applications from the data centre to the cloud. This allows companies to manage their data securely and access it from anywhere, which significantly improves flexibility and scalability.

Together we work out your optimal path to the cloud.

With the digital transformation, cloud migration has become a critical strategic initiative for businesses. Cloud migration services offer the possibility to move existing IT systems and data to the cloud, which brings a variety of benefits. For many companies, cloud migration is a central part of their digitalisation strategy. Together, we will work out the optimal path to the cloud that will enable you to use IT resources more efficiently, increase agility and thus align your company with the future.

Softline is an Azure Expert Managed Services (MSP) provider

We are proud to be a partner of Microsoft's Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) programme.

Highest Azure expertise: As part of this renowned programme, we are recognised Azure experts. This means that our customers benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in Azure. We know the platform inside out and can develop customised solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Trusted service provider: Our membership of the Azure Expert MSP programme inspires confidence. Our customers can rest assured that they are working with a trusted and highly qualified service provider. We meet the highest standards and pride ourselves on meeting Microsoft's requirements.

Highest quality assurance: As an Azure Expert MSP, we are subject to strict audit and quality controls. This means that our services are of the highest quality and meet Microsoft's exacting standards. Our customers can be confident that they will receive top-quality services.

Optimal use of Azure resources: Thanks to our expertise and access to exclusive resources, we can help our customers make the most of Azure. We optimise resources, control costs and ensure our customers get the most out of the Azure platform.

Our membership in the Azure Expert MSP programme is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the highest quality. We are here to help our customers with their Azure challenges and help them realise their full potential. Rely on our expertise and let's successfully launch into the Azure future together.

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Our Cloud Readiness Services are a crucial step for businesses on the road to cloud transformation.

Cloud Readiness

We check your cloud accounts for common configuration errors, security risks and unnecessary costs.

Cloud Health

Cloud Optimisation encompasses a variety of strategies, techniques and best practices to reduce costs in the cloud while maximising performance.

Cloud Optimization