Vulnerability Management

Proactively identify and fix security vulnerabilities

Effective Vulnerability Management is a strong shield against cyber threats. By proactively identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, you minimize the risk of security breaches, protect sensitive data, and maintain customer trust. The result? Reduced attack surface, improved resilience, and a stronger security posture that keeps hackers at bay. Start your Vulnerability Management with us today to be more resilient tomorrow.

Effective Vulnerability Management goes beyond pure scanning. We evaluate identified gaps and advise you on their elimination.

Vulnerabilities in IT systems represent potential entry points for attackers and can lead to security breaches, data leaks or even outages. Therefore, it is crucial to proactively look for these vulnerabilities, identify them and take appropriate measures to fix or minimize them.

Softline supports you with effective Vulnerability Management. Our consulting goes beyond the mere selection and installation of a suitable vulnerability scanner. Much more important is the subsequent assessment, prioritization and elimination of the vulnerabilities found. This is where our extensive expertise and experience from past projects come into play. We tailor our support precisely to your IT environment and help you define and implement the necessary organizational processes.

After a deep analysis of your network structure, we set up special appliances that actively scan your IT systems. Whether it's a Windows server, a Linux client, a firewall or an IoT device, the scanner uses various methods such as SSH, SNMP or SMB to actively log on to the systems. It then performs a comprehensive analysis of the operating system data, installed software and configuration settings and compares them with various CVE security databases. The results are made available to you in the form of clear HTML or PDF reports. There is also the option of seamless communication via API with other security systems such as your existing SIEM.

Effective Vulnerability Management can help you reduce the risk of cyberattacks, protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and systems, while meeting compliance requirements.

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Partnering with Greenbone

Greenbone is the world's most widely used provider of Open Source Vulnerability Management. The German IT company works hand in hand with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

As a long-standing partner of Greenbone, Softline specializes in the implementation of projects based on Greenbone GSM systems. With our expertise, we help companies to effectively identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure.

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