Modern Device Management

Modern device management: your key to a secure and efficient IT infrastructure

Our Modern Device Management (MDM) offers you a contemporary approach to managing and securing your devices in your company's IT infrastructure.

In a constantly changing technology landscape, conventional approaches to device management are often no longer sufficient. Therefore, we have summarised the most important components and principles of modern device management for you:

Modern Device Management (MDM): Our MDM solutions enable the efficient management and securing of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, regardless of the platforms (iOS, Android, etc.). IT administrators can enforce policies, deploy apps and ensure data security on these devices.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM): With our UEM approach, you can manage not only mobile devices, but also desktops, laptops and IoT devices in a single platform. This gives you a holistic view of your device management and security.

Cloud-based management: We rely on cloud-based solutions to give you scalability, easier updates and the ability to manage devices remotely from anywhere with internet access.

Zero-trust security model: Our advanced device management integrates a zero-trust security model where devices are not fundamentally trusted. Access to resources is based on continuous verification of the device's security status and user identity.

User-centric approach: Instead of focusing solely on the device, we consider the needs and preferences of your users. This approach improves the user experience while ensuring security.

Self-service provisioning: We empower your employees to set up and configure their own devices, reducing the burden on IT while ensuring security and compliance.

Automation and AI: We use automation and artificial intelligence to detect and respond to security threats and streamline routine device management tasks.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): If desired, we enable your employees to use their personal devices for work and implement strategies to securely manage and separate work and private data on these devices.

Containerisation and virtualisation: We use techniques such as containerisation and virtualisation to create isolated environments on devices and securely separate work and private data.

Compliance and policy enforcement: Our solutions enforce security policies and compliance standards to ensure your devices comply with required regulations and security best practices.

Remote work support: With remote work on the rise, our solutions facilitate secure remote access, provide remote troubleshooting capabilities and ensure remote devices are as secure as locally managed devices.

Rely on our advanced device management to keep your IT infrastructure effective and secure. Contact us today to find out how we can optimise your device management.