Digital Signatures & eIDAS

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Softline helps you on your way to a paperless office. Together with you, we analyze your current paper-based processes and show you how they can be mapped digitally. We help you choose and implement a signature solution that is right for you and that will not only save you paper, but also reduce your time, personnel and financial efforts.

Softline helps you on your way to a paperless office and advises you transparently and independently on the right choice and implementation of a signature solution.

The replacement of the handwritten signature is one of the primary drivers of digital transformation. The process of handwritten countersigning of a contract between two parties can take weeks and is not only time-consuming, but also costs money and human resources. A digital signature eliminates the need for printing, hand-signing (and thus the personal presence of the signatory), scanning and mailing - within just a few clicks of the mouse, contracts can be legally signed and transmitted by those responsible without a physical presence.

Softline supports you on your way to a paperless office. Together with you, we analyze your current paper-based processes and identify the deployment scenarios for electronic signatures in your company. Based on this, we advise you on the choice of a suitable signature solution and a suitable qualified trust service provider. Based on a detailed solution concept, we help you implement a concrete signature solution that maps your processes and is also connected to third-party applications such as identity providers or specialist applications. As part of our digital signature services, we also offer training for end users to create acceptance and awareness.

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What do you want to achieve?

  • Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signing
  • Electronically time stamp
  • Seal electronically
  • Identify people electronically (Ident procedure)
  • Establish signature circulation
  • Authorize external parties to sign electronically
  • Ensure evidential value of electronic signatures
  • Validate signatures
  • Secure workflows with electronic signatures
  • Automatically sign e-mails electronically
  • Digitize files
  • Secure approval processes using electronic signatures


Through our large network of partners such as D-Trust, SecCommerce Informationssysteme, Swisscom, Signius and Adobe, we can identify and establish an ideal signature solution for you. We transparently show you the costs and possibilities of different solutions and match them with your requirements and budget. We provide vendor-independent advice.

eIDAS Regulation

Since July 1, 2016, the eIDAS Regulation has been providing the legal framework for electronic signatures. It states that electronic documents are in principle negotiable and defines three types of electronic signature: simple, advanced and qualified. The highest level, qualified, is ascribed the same legal effect as a manual signature. This legal certainty enables the foundation for a digital single market in the EU area. In order to accelerate the development, the eIDAS Regulation also enables a comparatively simple procedure for the qualified signing of documents: the remote signature

Nevertheless, the qualified signature should only be used where it is legally required. This is because every person must first be legitimised for the qualified signature through an identification procedure, which is often associated with comparatively high costs. Not without reason the eIDAS Regulation provides alternatives with the simple and advanced electronic signature.

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