Dennis Montanje // Executive Board

Dennis Montanje has been a member of the Executive Board of Softline AG since March 2023, having been appointed Executive Vice President on 1.12.2022. As Managing Director Northern Europe for Softline Solutions Netherlands B.V., Softline Solutions N.V. and Softline Solutions Ltd., he has also been responsible for the strategic development of the regions and their day-to-day business - including product development, sales, marketing, HR, finance and partnerships - together with the regional management team for many years.

Holger Maul // Executive Board

Holger Maul is a proven expert in the field of IT service management and brings with him more than 25 years of management experience. Among other things, he worked at Matrix42 AG in Frankfurt am Main between 1992 and 2009, first as founder and technical director and later as CEO. From 2019 to 2021, Holger worked at DeskCenter GmbH as COO and later as CEO, and until most recently at inventicsDx GmbH as Chief Information Officer (CIO). In addition to his role as COO, in which he is responsible for the entire consulting area, he has also taken on the role of Executive Board member since March 2023.

Supervisory Board

"Softline offers customers of all sizes a comprehensive portfolio of customised IT solutions. In the cooperation, long-term, trusting partnerships are aimed for above all. To the benefit of both parties." (The Supervisory Board)

Prof. Dr. Knut Löschke //  Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Born in Leipzig, he began studying chemistry, physics and materials science at the University of Leipzig in 1969, graduating as a crystallographer in 1973. He received his doctorate in 1976 from the same university and, after additional studies in Novosibirsk and Moscow, his doctorate in 1986. From 1986 to 1990, Knut Löschke worked as a research engineer and consultant in the field of IT and CAD at the Rolling Bearings and Standard Parts Combine. In 1990, he founded PC-Ware GmbH (later PC-Ware Information Technologies AG, today Comparex AG) and developed the company into an international group as managing director and chairman of the board. Since 2010, Prof. Löschke has been one of the most important investors in Softline AG and paved the way for the new start and further development of the Softline Group. In addition, Prof. Löschke is, among other things, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University Hospital Leipzig as well as a member of the University Council of the Technical University of Dresden and holds an honorary professorship at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. In October 2013, Prof. Dr Knut Löschke was appointed to the supervisory board of Softline AG and elected chairman of the controlling and advisory body.

Andrew Morrison // Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Andrew Morrison, Global Vice President Services & Solutions at Noventiq, was appointed to the Supervisory Board of Softline AG on 05 May 2021. Morrison has held senior positions in the IT industry for almost 25 years, with a focus on creating and driving growth, increasing revenue and expanding market relevance. Outside the UK, he spent five years in the US, plus short-term assignments in Japan, Brazil and India. In addition to operational leadership, he has also held numerous board roles over the past 10 years.

Roy Harding // Member of the Supervisory Board

Roy Harding, President at Softline International, was appointed to the Supervisory Board of Softline AG on 01 July 2021. Harding has a 30-year, successful, results-oriented and dynamic career as a business professional with extensive experience in business development, stakeholder engagement, transformation management, organisational effectiveness, sales processes, business planning, operations and strategy, and leadership development. During his career, Roy has worked in the UK, Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Latin America, Russia, India as well as Japan.


Softline Code of Business Conduct

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Code of Business Conduct